Selasa, 05 Februari 2013

My Pet

hello friends!
My name is Aswida Novrida, I’m students grade ten  in the high school's Methodist-an Pancur batu. I want to tell you about my pet, please take a moment his attention.

I have a cat that is very funny. I call him Morganissa. Morganissa is a male cat. He is a domestic cat and is two years old.

My cat is great. Morganissa has grayish-black fur, big ears, green eyes and his paws are strong.

Morganissa is a naughty cat
He often fights with neighborhood cats. Morganissa never stole the fish on the table and it made my mom throw her. but after a month he was back to our house with a fat body. we were confused as to why he could come back. And now he's back again as usual in our home.

This only can I tell you about Morganissa.
Thank you and see you :)

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